Dr. Maria Caceres Piñuel



Postdoctoral Researcher

Email: maria.caceres@musik.unibe.ch

Role in the Project: Postdoctoral Researcher and Project Coordinator


Mini CV


Since May 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher at Institut für Musikwissenschaft of Bern University in the framework of the SNF-Project: The Emergence of 20th Century “Musical Experience”.


2014: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Musicology by the University of Bern and in Art History by University of Zaragoza. Dissertation Title: “Musicology, Nationalism and Social Activism in Interwar Spain. José Subirá: An Intellectual Biography (1882-1980)”.

2007: Master of Arts in Hispanic Music, University of Salamanca

2006: Bachelor of Arts in History and Sciences of Music, University of Salamanca

2005: History-Social Sciences Teaching Certificate, University of Salamanca

2004: Bachelor of Arts in Human Sciences, University of Salamanca

Fellowships and Research Grants

2014: Postdoctoral Research Visitorship, Balzan Foundation, Towards a global history of Music Programme, Institut für Musikwissenchaft of Wien Universität.

2012: Research Grant, Dr. Joséphine de Kármán-Stiftung, Philosophisch-historischen Fakultät, University of Bern.

2009-2012: Doctorate Grant, FPU fellow (University Teacher Training), Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, University of Zaragoza.

2011: Short Term Research studentship, Spanish Ministry of Education, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge.

Work Experience

2012-2013: Cultural Management Internship, « FormARTE » Program, Spanish Ministry of Education, Madrid.

2010-2012: Teaching Assistant, History of Music, Zaragoza University

2006-2008: Music and Social Sciences Teacher, Secondary School Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Soria.



List of Publications


Research Interests

Music and (Inter)Nationalisms

Arts Management and Globalisation

Cultural History of Music at Fin-de-siècle Vienna

Female Elites and Musical Patronage

Historical Social Network Analyse

History of Musicology and Historiography of Music, especially in Spain (19th and 20th centuries)